Behind the Scenes with the Missouri Thunder Coaches Luke Snyder and Ross Coleman

In May of 2022, PBR history was made when they held their first ever Draft for their breakthrough Teams Series. Leading up to it all, coaches and managers spent days strategizing and preparing to make the best picks possible.

For Missouri Thunder coaches Luke Snyder and Ross Coleman they wanted the cowboys that made up their team to have a few things in common and that includes their Cowboy Values. They knew that Colten Fritzlan fit the bill perfectly and they wanted him to be their No. 1 man.

Wanting cowboys that thrive not only on the back of a bull but in the great outdoors, Snyder and Coleman knew just who to pick to build a dream team for Missouri Thunder.

The champions will be crowned after the third and final performance in Vernal, Utah
A pair of World No. 1s stole the show Friday night
The action on Night No. 2 in Vernal is set to bring the heat.
The team roper is expecting a child in December, which he found out after he decided to no longer rope full time
Paden Bray’s story of his rookie year proves in order to be a champion, you must learn from champions
The Vernal, Utah rodeo pays almost $200,000 and it got underway Thursday night
The final PRCA Playoff Series Rodeo before 100 Rodeos in 100 Days
The PRCA Playoff Series was back in Oklahoma for the second time in as many months
This Oregon rodeo served as one of the final PRCA Playoff Series Rodeos before 100 Rodeos in 100 Days
The final weekend before 100 Rodeos in 100 Days includes a PRCA Playoff Rodeo in Utah