Bailey Bates Goes 1.9 Seconds to Advance to the Finals in Fort Worth

The New Mexico native locked up a spot in the Fort Worth Finals and cashed a $4,000 check along the way in the Semis

Bailey Bates just needed a clean run to advance to the Short-Round in Fort Worth, and even with that in mind, she went for it and won the round. Bates stopped the clock at 1.9 seconds, just three-tenths off the arena record.

“My calf was a little stronger than the others and I knew if I wanted a good shot I had to get a good start.”

This is Bates’ first trip to Fort Worth, and her horse and her are making the most of it.

“He helps me a lot. Me and him, we’ve gone through a lot together. I’m glad to make my first trip to Fort Worth on him and get the round win.”