At Home with Powder River Rodeo’s Craig at Midnight

One of the all-stars of Powder River Rodeo, Craig at Midnight recently missed his moment to shine in Red Bluff. But he’s booked plenty of other rodeos for the rest of the year and, according to Powder River’s John Franzen, he’s ready to get back to work.

Just by the look of him, Craig’s an intimidating horse — and his build matches his performance. Craig’s not only big, approximately 1,700 pounds and 19 hands tall, he’s also strong, smart, and always ready to give 100 percent.

“Craig’s an exceptional animal because of how big he is and how powerful he is, but yet how he can move like a small horse,” says Franzen. “He gets a lot of air but has a lot of power. He’s just got a lot of heart. He’s a horse that tries hard every time.”

Right now, Craig and Powder River’s other elite bucking horses are just relaxing at home — and being well taken care of so that they are ready to be back in the arena when the time comes.

“Everybody’s just kind of relaxing,” Franzen says. “... Craig’s a horse that gets deficient in vitamin E, so I have to make sure that we put him on a supplement and keep him on grass as best we can, and we keep him on some really nice alfalfa.”