An Open Letter to My Trail Horse

Shana Muth Jaggers of Princeton, KY shared a touching post with her Facebook friends about her horse, Poptart, after returning home from a day of trail riding. She wrote...


She isn’t going to be chasing any cans or cows. She’s grade, although her parents were registered. Her lope will give you back spasms. But she shows up. She takes care of her rider on a trail. 6 years later, and she’s the same every single time. She takes a bath like a pro, although she doesn’t like the hose in the pooter. It doesn’t matter how many times you get off her to pee, she’ll stand guard all day. She didn’t cost an arm and a leg, but I trust her with my life or anyone I put on her. She’s just an ole trail horse, but she’s an amazing one at that. And dang ain’t she purdy?

Poptart. I love you, darlin. Thanks for yet, another amazing day in the woods.

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An Open Letter to My Trail Horse