American Hat Co. #PositiveTimesMoment: Jordon Briggs trains and raises Horse of the Year, Rolo

Jordon Briggs is heading to the Wrangler NFR for the first time since 2009 and she is doing it on the Nutrena Horse of the Year, Rolo.

On Oct. 14, Briggs found out Rolo had been named the WPRA’s top barrel racing horse, six years to the day after the yearling was picked up at the Busby Ranch in Texas.

Briggs and her husband, Justin, raised and trained the Rolo themselves.

Briggs qualified for the NFR as the No. 3 cowgirl in the WPRA Barrel Racing World Standings. Her biggest wins in 2021 came in Ellensburg, Dodge City (Kansas) and Fort Smith (Arkansas).

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