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The Edge on The Cowboy Channel

Heart pounding, fingers hot on the bow, breath is still and body frozen, the hair slowly rising on your neck. The anticipation of the hunt, the entire journey through the wild, has delivered you right here, to this the EDGE. You’re invited along to meet the wild people, to live their stories, and connect to the untouched land and unspoiled nature - the remarkable things you never knew such a journey could entail.

Come along for a journey with The EDGE crew as they hunt big game, fish in open waters, and demonstrate responsible hunting all around the world. Join Steve Ecklund, Eric Grybe, and Joe Eppele on their outdoor adventures as they pursue some of the world’s biggest animals—all while overcoming unexpected hurdles that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat!

From stalking bighorn sheep in the Rockies, competing with the wolves for caribou in the high Arctic, and run-ins with massive moose in Newfoundland...if the challenge is there, so is The EDGE. The EDGE is a hunter’s ultimate pursuit to push his limits to conquest over nature or face defeat.

The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Semifinals conclude with this second set of contestants on Friday
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Cooper Cooke puts a score of 87.5 points on the board aboard one of Pickett Pro Rodeo’s best.
Jessica Routier qualifies for the Finals in San Antonio with winning run of 14.15 seconds in Semifinals 1
Steer wrestler Denell Henderson advances out of Semifinals 1 in San Antonio
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