10 Dale Earnhardt Quotes to Live By

NASCAR icon Dale Earnhardt Sr. was born on April 29th, 1951. Today would have been his 69th birthday. To celebrate, we’ve compiled 10 of our favorite quotes from “The Intimidator” himself.

1. “You’ve got to be closer to the edge than ever to win. That means sometimes you go over the edge, and I don’t mean driving, either.”

2. “You can’t let one bad moment spoil a bunch of good ones.”

3. “You win some, you lose some, you wreck some.”

4. “Finishing races is important, but racing is more important.”

5. “I’ve had confidence in myself all along. It was just a matter of getting the pieces back in place.”

6. “That’s what we’re striving for, making us a contender in every race.”

7. “I don’t want to argue with my wife about her car - or my driving.”

8. “The atmosphere seems to change once the sun goes down and the race fans get to watch a good show.

9. “Two of my favorite things are my steering wheel and my Remington rifle.”

10. “Second place is just the first loser.”

10 Dale Earnhardt Quotes to Live By