Your Life Redefined

Your Life Redefined

Hosted by television health and wellness expert Dr. Anna Marie, Your Life Redefined is a half-hour upbeat magazine style show, jam packed with inspiring advice and tips to help bring balance and fulfillment to every aspect of viewers’ lives. Every week, Dr. Anna Marie offers innovative ideas to help you reshape and improve every aspect of your life-mind, body and soul. The show focuses on healthy living for everyone in the family -even the four legged equine and canine kids! 

Your Life Redefined combines Dr. Anna Marie’s medical training, her two decades of television experience and her healthy, vibrant lifestyle to inspire and motivate viewers to live their lives to the fullest!

Four elements will be highlighted in a variety of segments in each episode: every week viewers will follow Dr. Anna Marie and her greenovation team as they transform an abandoned energy draining Florida horse farm that sits next door to the Ocala National Forest into an energy producing sustainable and ultimately healthy home. Along the way, Dr. Anna Marie explores inspirational stories and profiles of people pursuing their dreams,  healthy recipes and nutritional tips designed by a guest chef and Dr. Anna Marie explores how amazing animals are impacting the quality of peoples’ lives. 

"Your Life Redefined is full of inspiring ideas for reinvigorating your life, creating a healthy green environment and finding a balanced life," says Jeremiah Davis.  "Dr. Anna Marie offers pure inspiration. She is a warm and knowledgeable guide who will take The Cowboy Channel audience on a transformative journey."

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About Dr. Anna Marie
Dr. Anna Marie has been a broadcast television correspondent for nearly two decades. By combining her medical training, broadcast experience, passion for horses and interest in helping people live full and healthy lives, Dr. Anna Marie has become a popular source of healthy living information on television today.