Down Payment on a Dream

Down Payment on a Dream

Sundays – 9:30 PM ET | 8:30 PM CT | 7:30 PM MT | 6:30 PM PT

Sunday, July 29 – Host Austin Wahlert introduces you to the hero of the week, a visit with Baxter Black, and another rodeo athlete with guts.

“Down Payment on a Dream” is a new weekly series on The Cowboy Channel, hosted by country artist and former bull rider Austin Wahlert, that explores the challenges, triumphs, and grit-your-teeth hard work that it takes to achieve ones’ ultimate goals in life.

Wahlert is a third generation Colorado cowboy who grew up on a 3,000-acre cattle ranch. He went to college on a rodeo scholarship in Odessa, TX and is now a prolific, award winning singer/songwriter in country music.  
In this new series, Wahlert shares his music and stories about his own journey to becoming a country music artist. The up-and-coming star has endured much, including the hardships he and his wife, Justine, faced head on with their daughter’s open heart surgery at three months old. That experience inspired the song “Daddy Would Give You His Heart.” Wahlert’s music reflects his passion, dedication, and hard work as he translates real life experiences into his foot-stomping, heart-pounding, country music sound. 
The series also focuses on veterans and first responders with a segment called “Hero of the Week,” celebrating the incredible people of the armed forces and first responders who protect the privileges and freedom that we are afforded in this great country.
In addition, Austin’s good friend, cowboy poet Baxter Black, offers up some sage advice in a segment called “Still Talking with Baxter Black.” Baxter regales viewers with some of his best poems and behind-the-scenes stories that give a new look at some of his most notable experiences – from starring on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, to turning down a part in an academy award winning film because it went against his principles. 

The new series will also make you laugh with one of the funniest entertainers going down the rodeo trail, Justin Rumford, in “The Rump of the Week.” Justin offers commentary on “You Know Who’s a Cool Dude”, “Old School Movie Reviews”, and other innovative segments with his opinions about the western way of life.  
Each episode of “Down Payment on a Dream” provides an in-depth look at the hardships and successes that are realized on the path to achieving one’s ultimate dream. It’s all about ordinary people doing extraordinary things! Be ready to have fun, cry, laugh, and most of all be inspired! Join us every week for “Down Payment a Dream” on the Cowboy Channel.