RFD-TV is always creating new ways for rural America to educate and to be educated. RURAL AMERICA LIVE, the network's longest running self-produced program, is certainly no exception to that rule. Through its 60-minute live, call-in format, viewers can spend quality time learning about the featured organization’s products or services and are even given opportunity to interact with the featured representatives and expert panelists.

RURAL AMERICA LIVE has featured a wide variety of guest companies, products, services and ideas to date. The format features a panel of select experts and representatives, led by the host through a series of topics and questions that help maximize the informative value and benefit to the viewers watching from home, who are also invited to call in during the live broadcast with their own questions or comments. Viewers are thus given the opportunity to see and hear for themselves the latest news and information regarding the products and services our guests have to offer and even to interact with the guests directly – all from the comfort of their own living room, during prime-time hours.

The direct interaction which this format provides between the featured organizations and their customers, members, and any other interested parties has proven to be an extremely effective promotional tool, which is why most of our guests are regulars. People are hungry for this important information, and RURAL AMERICA LIVE has built a bridge to connect rural folks with these national topics like never before.